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A modern and efficient Foreign Service

The active foreign policy safeguarding Finland’s security and well-being requires an effective Foreign Service whose expertise the entire state administration can rely on. Aside from the strategic priorities, the activities of the Foreign Service are steered by its values: cooperation, creativity and effectiveness.

The country’s own network of diplomatic missions is vital to Finland. Foreign Service resources will focus on countries whose political and economic significance for Finland is rising.

A flexible and appropriate presence abroad is a source of knowledge and influence that increases Finland’s security and well-being.

The internal processes of the administrative branch are concentrated and lightened both domestically and abroad. Implementation of the real estate strategy modernises the Foreign Service’s methods in both the Ministry and the diplomatic missions.

The new security strategy steers the planning and leadership of the organisation in managing its own security risks.

Development of the structure and approach to Finland's external representation continues. Development work takes into account the possibilities for cooperation with the Nordic countries, the Baltic States and the European External Action Service as well as the Team Finland operating model. The citizens’ services offered by the diplomatic missions are developed in the ways made possible by the revised Act on Consular Services and through new digital solutions.

The opportunities enabled by digitisation are utilised more widely across the whole administrative branch, especially in developing information systems. Rapid technological development for its part spurs change of the entire international operating environment, which heightens the importance of foresight and timely analysis supporting decision-making.

The Foreign Service communicates Finland’s foreign and security policy effectively and using up-to-date means. The aim is to influence the foreign and security policy debate and increase the understanding of Finland’s solutions.

The aim of country branding is to strengthen international awareness of Finland as a democratic, Nordic society based on European values. External economic relations are promoted through country branding done to achieve Team Finland’s broad-based objectives.

The communications sensitivity of the whole Foreign Service is improved.

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Updated 10/29/2015

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