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Tax Exemption Forms for Missions

Refund of Value Added Tax (VAT)

Diplomatic Missions, Consular Posts and International Organizations in Finland as well as their diplomatic members are, subject to certain conditions, entitled to refund of value added tax (VAT). Applicants need to fill in a special form, issued by the Finnish Tax Administration, and submit it to the Protocol Services of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Application for a tax and duty exempt import or purchase

In addition, Missions and their members are entitled to certain tax and duty exempt imports and purchases. There are three separate forms for these imports and purchases which have to be filled in and submitted to the Protocol Services. An instruction for filling in the forms can be found below:

Application for VAT and Excise Duty exempt purchases (European Union)

Missions and their members can also, subject to certain conditions, make purchases exempt from VAT and excise duty in other Member States of the European Union.

pdfVAT and/or Excise Duty Exemption Certificate / European Union
(PDF paper form in English)

There is a separate form for the use of the European Union Bodies for these purchases:

pdf Excise Duty Exemption Certificate for European Union Bodies (PDF, 2 pages, 20 kb)

The Finnish Tax Administration has issued the following instruction concerning purchases exempt from excise duty:

For inquiries please contact Protocol Services

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Updated 4/26/2018

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