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Support for partnership organisations

This page is no longer being updated. Please, see the page Ohjelmatuki kansalaisjärjestöille for latest information in Finnish. (21.4.2017)

Partnership organisations receive over half of the funding channelled to organisations' development cooperation. Partnership organisations can apply for programme support for their development cooperation activities.

Basic principles of support

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs grants discretionary government transfers to partnership organisations for the implementation of development cooperation programmes. The organisation takes responsibility for the exact content of the programme and its implementation in accordance with the Ministry's instructions and other guidance and principles concerning the use of discretionary government transfers.

Supported expenses

Partnership organisations can use the discretionary government transfer only to conduct development cooperation activities approved by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The support can be used to cover reasonable expenses that are necessary for the implementation of the programme and its components. The Finnish organisation is always responsible for the appropriate use of the funds.

Support can be granted to cover the following:

  • Necessary operational costs and services and goods needed in the implementation.

  • Overheads arising from local office premises needed for the programme, including rent, electricity, water and other running property costs and servicing and maintenance costs.

  • Necessary labour costs and the statutory non-wage labour costs as well as training, travel and other necessary costs. Travel expenses in accordance with the State Travel Regulations.

  • Administrative costs in Finland to be borne by the organisation, such as a share of the administrative staff's work, mail, telephone and copying, other office expenses and fund-raising.

Instructions for the Partnership Agreement Scheme

The instructions are available only in an electronic format and they are updated as required based on dialogue with the partnership organisations. Possible changes are informed on these pages.

Basic information form

Applications concerning a new funding period are always submitted by the end of August of the last year of the previous programme period. Organisations first send the basic information form electronically via the Foreign Ministry's s-Service.

The organisations submit the basic information form every year together with the following appendices: action plan, budget proposal, annual report, financial statement, audit report and other possible documents, such as revised rules and extract from the register of associations.

The basic information form is submitted only once in case the organisation is applying for some other discretionary government transfer in the same year.


Civil society organisations must report on the materialisation of their programmes and on the use of funds annually.

The following documents must be appended to the report:

  • The organisation's signed annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, financial statement together with appendices and the annual report).

  • The organisation's auditor's report.

  • The auditor's report, which is prepared and signed by an auditor and which includes a statement informing that the financial report has been prepared in accordance with the conditions set for development cooperation support by the Ministry and the regulations applying to discretionary government transfers (Act on Discretionary Government Transfers 688/2001).

  • Management Letters.

Change of use application and complementary information

Prepare the applications concerning change of use of appropriated funds and carry-over to the next year using the form below.

Additional information to the basic information form, project application and annual report is given using the form below.

Additional information

Mr Jyrki Nissilä, Director, Unit for Civil Society, tel +358 295 351 205. e-mail firstname.surname(at)

Quality assurance

High-quality development cooperation is a precondition for sustainable positive change. Partnership organisations have jointly defined the quality of their development cooperation and have compiled a summary of the fundamental factors contributing to quality.

Criteria for selection of partnership organisations

A civil society organisation or fund, which has been registered in Finland, can be selected to a partnership organisation, provided that it has a good knowledge and experience of development cooperation and that it meets the selection criteria (2012).

Organisations with a good development cooperation capacity have been selected as partnership organisations. The previous partnership organisations' application cycle was completed in November 2013. The new partnership organisations started their programme-based work at the beginning of 2014.

The selected partnership organisations must observe the policy lines, priorities and cross-cutting objectives laid down in Finland's Development Policy Programme as well as the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers and the Guidelines for Civil Society in Development Policy (2010).

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