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The International Press Centre (IPC) in Helsinki provides services to visiting journalists and resident foreign correspondents and helps them in networking.  The IPC is part of the Unit for Communications on Current Affairs at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Several international newspapers and online news services of the Finnish News Agency (STT) are available. The IPC Manager can help reporters to obtain interviews or meet people in Finland.

The IPC is equipped with

  • internet connection

  • a photocopier

  • a television

  • a telephone booth for phone interviews

  • lockers

Accreditation of foreign correspondents

If you are a foreign correspondent wishing to work in Finland, you can apply for accreditation by email. When in Finland, you need to visit the Unit for Communications on Current Affairs at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in person. The application is processed by the Manager of the IPC.

Please fill in the accreditation form and email it to the Ministry together with the following attachments

  • copy of your passport photo page and visa

  • copy of international press card

  • original letter of assignment from your editor-in-chief

  • clips of/ links to recently published work

  • your CV

  •  recent photograph

The application is presented to the Director of the Unit, who sends it to the Security Police for approval. After that the Unit for Communications on Current Affairs orders a press card for you. The card is first issued for one year and later for two years at a time.

The press card entitles you to use the office premises and facilities of the IPC and receive press releases and invitations meant for media representatives.

The press card identifies its holder as a journalist working for international media and allows access to official press briefings and other media events or official visits.

The correspondent's contact information will also be published on the website.

Contact information

Contact person: Ms Rim Mezian
Tel. +358 295 351905
Email address:
Visiting address: Kanavakatu 3 C 
Postal address: P.O. Box 481, FI-00023 Government, Finland  

International Press Center Helsinki
Visiting address: Kanavakatu 3 C, Helsinki 
Reception: Kanavakatu 3 C (Department for Communications) 
Postal address: P.O. Box 450, FI-00023 Government, Finland 

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