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Unit for South-Eastern Europe

The Unit covers with issues concerning the following countries:

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

Twinning and TAIEX activities also include: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Moldova, Palestine, Syria, Tunis, Ukraine and Russia.

The Unit is responsible for the following issues:

  • negotiations concerning EU enlargement and related issues
  • coordination of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) in respect of the Western Balkans
  • national coordination, guidance and advice related to EU Twinning and TAIEX activities
  • political, trade political, economic and development cooperation issues related to bilateral relations and EU relations within the competence of the unit
  • guidance of the Finnish missions based in the countries of the region
  • coordination of Finnish development policy and project cooperation in the Western Balkans and Turkey
  • the Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP) and the Peace Process in the Western Balkans
  • the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe (SP SEE)


Albania, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey


  • fax +358 9 160 555 650


Postal address:

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Unit for South-Eastern Europe
PO Box 429

Visiting address:

Laivastokatu 22 G


Markku Lampinen
  • Director
Nelli Mikkola
  • Attaché
  • tel. +358 295 350 046
Maarit Nousiainen
  • Assistant
  • tel. work +358 295 350 091

Western-Balkans, EU Enlargement, Romania, Bulgaria Team

Keijo Karjalainen
  • Desk Officer, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro
  • tel. work +358 295 352 030
Anu Apo
  • Desk Officer, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria
  • tel. +358 295 350 103

Turkey, Greece, Cyprus Team

Lauri Hirvonen
  • Team Leader
  • tel. work +358 295 351 794
Heikki Karhu
  • Desk Officer
  • tel. +358 295 350 027
Esko Männistö
  • Desk Officer, Cyprus, Greece, Migration
  • tel. work +358 295 350 579

National Twinning and Taiex Coordination Team

Visiting address:

Laivastokatu 22 G

Postal address:

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
National Twinning and Taiex Coordination Team
PO Box 429
Heidi Lempinen
  • Desk Officer, Twinning coordination
  • tel. work +358 295 350 669
Tiina Järvelä
  • Desk Officer, TAIEX coordination
  • tel. work +358 295 351 555
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