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Secretary of State

The highest permanent civil servant of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of State, has over-all responsibility for the activities and organisation of the foreign policy administration as well as the development of the personnel policy.

He also directs the financial and strategy planning of his administration and supervises the preparation of the budget and its implemention, whilst being in charge of important projects in his domain.

The Secretary of State also follows the work of the different departments, units and embassies of the Foreign Ministry and is active in international politics.


Postal address:

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Secretary of State
PO Box 412

Visiting address:

Laivastokatu 22 A MKA2


Peter Stenlund
  • Secretary of State
  • tel. work +358 295 350 618
  • tel. work +358 9 160 550 10
  • CV_Stenlund_en
Ritva Lähde
  • Executive Secretary
  • tel. work +358 295 351 397
  • tel. work +358 9 160 550 11
Ilkka Nordberg
  • Adviser to the Secretary of State
  • tel. work +358 295 350 536
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