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Disbursements for Development Cooperation

Finland’s disbursements for public development assistance in 2013 totalled 1081.1 million euros. The disbursements for development cooperation accounted for 0.56 per cent of the gross national income.

The statistics on Finland's Development Cooperation disbursements in 2013 :

pdfStatistics, part 1 (pdf, 35 Kb, in Finnish)

pdfStatistics, part 2 (pdf, 25 Kb, in Finnish)

Disbursements for development cooperation by sector in 2013

In 2013, development assistance was mostly targeted at humanitarian aid, the development of governance and civil society, health and population policy, education and social services, agriculture, forestry and fishery, industry, and water and sanitation services. 

Suomen kehitysyhtistyö sektoreittain 2013.

In the graph above, multisector covers many themes, such as climate protection. Unspecified by sector refers to assistance for which no sector can be determined.

Disbursements for development cooperation in 1988–2013

The disbursements carried out by Finland for development cooperation have risen from 430 million euros in the late 1980s to over one billion euros (1026.7 million euros in 2012). In terms of the gross national income, development assistance has increased from 0.3 per cent in the mid-1990s to 0.55 per cent.

Kehitysyhteistyön toteutuneet maksatukset 1988-2013.

Disbursements to long-term partner countries

Development cooperation disbursements to Finland’s long-term partner countries (Mozambique, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nepal, Kenya and Vietnam) rose to 141.8 million euros in 2012. Thus, the disbursements have nearly tripled during the past ten years, because in 2002 the disbursements to the partner countries totalled 55.5 million euros. On the other hand, assistance to some partner countries (Tanzania, Zambia and Vietnam) was reduced in 2012 by a good 21 million euros when compared to the year before.

Kehitysyhteistyön pitkäaikaiset kumppanimaat 2002-2012

Disbursements to ten biggest recipient countries

The ten biggest recipient countries or regions for Finnish development assistance in 2012 were Mozambique, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, the Palestinian territories, Zambia, Nicaragua and South Sudan, which received a total of 190.9 million euros in development assistance. Of these, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nepal and Kenya are Finland’s long-term partner countries.

Kehitysyhteistyö maittain 2012 en

Development cooperation statistics

Official development assistance (ODA) is monitored at the international level by means of reports submitted by the members of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

Information on the development cooperation of all DAC members is freely available on the DAC website.

Finland promotes the transparency of development cooperation internationally

Finland is committed to promoting transparency in development cooperation and also supports this objective internationally.

The goal of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is to create a common data transparency standard for various development cooperation actors (donor countries, partner countries and civil society organisations).

When the various parties report their data using a common format, it is easier to compare and combine the data; this increases transparency in the flow of information. Finland has been a signatory of IATI since its establishment.

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