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Human-rights related links


Human rights regulations

Human rights search tools

  • ISN Links Library: Human Rights- an updated, multi-perspective library of links to human rights and minorities run by the International Security Studies Network
  • Human Rights Library - University of Minnesota WWW Virtual Library on human rights, including a human rights search engine. Conventions and other instruments, documents, data on the UN, regional, refugee and asylum- related data. The links include organisations, institutions and centers, regions and countries, courts and tribunals
  • Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - US State Department annual reports
  • Amnesty International Library - search guide on Amnesty International data
  • Hurisearch - HURIDOCS human rights directory and search engin

    European Union

International organisations

United Nations

Council of the European Union


International courts and tribunals


Non-governmental organizations


Refugees and migration


Indigenous peoples


  • NativeWeb - Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
  • Virtual Library: Indigenous Studies - general as well as country and continent -specific data on minorities and indigenous peoples
  • Fourth World Documentation Project - Indigenous Peoples' Information for the Online Community pages contain documents in their rich body version by continent and by region, including UN instruments, international conventions, documents reporting on social, economic and political conditions
  • Ethnologue - Summer Institute of Linguistics language approach to the minorities in the world: majority and minority languages, including dialects and the number of speakers. Search by country, region, language or language group.
  • UNPO Unpresented Nations and Peoples Organisation

Status of children


Status of women




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