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Emblem of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs


In the emblem of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the traditional lion figure is set against the background of an image of the globe, which refers to the ministry's field of operations.

The yellow colour is the same as the colour of the historically valuable buildings of the ministry's premises, designed by C.L. Engel, in Katajanokka (Merikasarmi) and on Ritarikatu, the latter being the site where the ministry was founded in 1918. The globe and the yellow band form an entity, which illustrates stability and reliability, and the whole conveys a message of the ministry as a reliable partner for Finnish citizens abroad.

The Ministry's website address, formin.finland,fi, circles the globe and highlights the ministry's role as a service provider and its direct interaction with citizens and stakeholders. The website has been designed to provide an introduction to the entire field of operations of the Foreign Service.

The incorporation of the website address in the emblem also communicates that the ministry wants to be, and is, willing to be easily accessible.

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