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Press Releases, 3/30/2007

Finland and Monaco establish diplomatic relations

Press release 56/2007
30 March, 2007

Finland and Monaco established diplomatic relations yesterday, 29 March. Charles Murto, the Finnish Ambassador to France, and Jacques Boisson, the Ambassador of Monaco to France, both based in Paris, signed the agreement establishing diplomatic relations in the Embassy of Monaco in Paris. Finland has had a consular agreement with Monaco since 1958.

Diplomatic relations with Monaco became topical when the new treaty on friendship and cooperation between Monaco and France came into force on 1 December, 2005. This treaty reinforces Monaco’s sovereignty and enables diplomatic relations with third countries. Finland does not intend to establish an embassy in Monaco; instead, Finland will accredit an ambassador from another country where there already is an embassy.

Additional information: First Secretary Tito Gronow, Finnish Embassy in Paris, tel. +33 1 4418 1909



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