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Tenders, 3/16/2007

Invitation to tender : Mid Term Review of Support to the Disability Policy Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006-2009

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Unit for Western Balkans hereby invites tenders for carrying out the Mid-Term review (MTR) of  the Project: Support to the Disability Policy Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006-2009.

The main objectives of the MTR are to review the progress against the original programme aims and the objectives of the revised project document (November 2004). It is also to assess the feasibility of the programme and to make recommendations regarding the continuation of the Programme and in a positive case to assess whether there is a need to make any changes in the overall strategic direction of the Programme. MTR will concentrate overall on relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the Programme.

The review team (RT) will consist of two experts: Team Leader assisted by one expert. The experts are both subject to the evaluation of the Technical Tender.

Weighting of technical quality criteria is 80 % and price is 20 %. The evaluation shall be carried out by an evaluation team at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The tender must comply with the requirements and conditions set forth in this invitation and attached annexes. A non compliance with the tender dossier may result in the disqualification of the tender. Only tenders which fulfil all the compulsory requirements are evaluated by using preferable requirements.

Compulsory requirements are

  • Team leader and the expert both have at least Master's degree in social sciences (M.Sc) or relevant education.
  • Team leader has at least five years of proven theoretical and prior practical experience in evaluation of development projects/programmes and/or in policy development issues incl. budgeting: to be evaluated, whether the person concerned has participated in any evaluation courses, and providing information of maximum of five relevant evaluations.
  • Team Leader has prior experience as a Team Leader of Evaluation team.
  • Expert has at least 5-7 years working experience in development issues.
  • Both international experts have a working knowledge of English (based on number of years worked using English language).
  • Both international experts have a working knowledge of Finnish.
  • The maximum budget for the Finnish contribution and the consultance assignment of the MTR shall not exceed 30.000 euros, including the consulting fees to a maximum of  21.000 euros equal to 31 working days.
  • The tender shall include the price (fees for each expert, EUR/day and total consultancy fee and an estimate for reimbursables).
  • The Tender shall be valid and the personnel proposed in the Tender shall be available to start the assignment for 60 days from the closing date of the Tender.
  • The Tender Dossier becomes public when the invitation to tender is signed. CVs are not deemed confidential.
  • The Ministry does not bind itself to accept any Tender.
  • The language of the Tender shall be English.


  • The technical tender shall include the following information:

i Work plan, methodology and time of delivery (max 2 pages)

ii Replies to all compulsory and preferable requirements

iii Curriculum Vitae (CV) of each expert

The Preferable requirements to be evaluated are

  • Team leader's experience in project management in development projects: to be evaluated in a way that the proposed person shall give total experience in years, in addition to total years, the proposed person may refer to a maximum of five relevant projects
  • Team leader's experience in administrative and management procedures in development projects
  • Expert's experience in disability issues
  • Expert's experience in capacity building
  • Team leader and/or Expert have a doctor´s degree
  • Gender balance
  • Knowledge of Finnish development cooperation principles and policies and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of  Finland Project Preparation Guidelines
  • Comprehension of nature and requirements of the work
  • Work plan (evaluation team studies how work plan could be implemented)
  • The experience and knowledge of the proposed Experts shall be given in person years.  In addition to total experience in years, the consultant may refer to maximum of five most relevant projects in which consultant's achievements should be defined.

Joint tenders are also accepted. In the case of joint proposal, one tenderer shall be nominated as the leading partner with whom the agreement will be signed.

The other conditions for the services are described in the General Conditions for Consulting Services available at the Ministry's website.

Field missions to Bosnia and Herzegovina are tentatively scheduled to September-October 2007 and the duration of the mission will be appr. 10 days for each team member. For the Team Leader the number of expert days will be approximately 16 working days and for the Expert 15 working days.

The Tender must be received by the Ministry not later than Tuesday, May 15th 2006 at 16.00 Hrs. The Tender must be submitted to Ministry for Foreign Affairs/ Unit for Western Balkans to Ms. Ritva Miekkoniemi by mail (Ministry for Foreign Affairs P.O.BOX 176, FI-00161 HELSINKI) or electronically ( Please, ask for confirmation of the receipt of tender by the ministry.

The contact person in the Ministry will be Ritva Miekkoniemi  tel. +358-9-160 55081 or e-mail ritva

Helsinki, 7th March, 2007

Juha Ottman
Director of Unit of Western Balkans

Tender documents

pdfTerms of Reference incl. indicative budget (PDF, 29 kB) (Annex A)

pdfTentative list of contents of the Mid-term Review Report (PDF, 5 kB) (Annex B)

pdfProject Document,Inception Phase Report 2006, Support to the Disability Policy Development (SDPD) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF, 283kB

pdfAnnual Report 2006, Support to the Disability Policy Development (SDPD) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF, 220 kB)

Inception Phase Report 2006 (Word, 648 kB)

Background and reference information

The following standard documents are available at the Ministry's website

  • General Conditions for Consulting Services
  • The Ministry's Standard Terms of Payment of Fees and Reimbursement of Costs (1.5.2004)
  • State Travel Regulations
  • Consultancy Assignment and Requirement Classification


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