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Nordic Cooperation - The official nordic co-operation

The Nordic trump cards in global competition are:  

  • adaptability
  • welfare
  • co-operation
  • stability and
  • security.

Today it covers almost all different policies ranging from tax and security to cultural issues.

The main pillars of the Nordic model are a tradition of dynamic constitutional principles, active popular movements and civic organisations, freedom of expression, equality, solidarity and affinity with nature. Combined with hard work and enterprise, these elements form the basis of a society that promotes productivity, a sense of security and a balanced relationship between the individual and the community.Nordic flags

About thirty Nordic institutions are supported by the Nordic cooperation. During the past years, the Baltic States and Northwest Russia have been invited to participate in the cooperation more than before.

Nordic Cooperation has been conducted for more than 60 years, beginning with the establishment of the Nordic Council in 1952. Over the years, the cooperation has developed, gone through some structural changes and also been intensified.

pdfReport: Young people's challenge to Norden (pdf, 232 kb)

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