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Finland's representation abroad

The network of Finnish missions

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Finland's representation abroad comprises diplomatic missions and consular missions.

Diplomatic missions refer to embassies and their separate offices in different states and permanent and special missions to international organisations and cooperation organs. Finland has also diplomatic missions called liaison offices.

Consular missions refer to consulates general, consulates, and offices under the administration of a consulate general, headed by a career official, or honorary consulates, led by an honorary consul.

The network of Finnish missions abroad comprises 92 offices:

  • 71 embassies (functions have been discontinued in Damascus and Baghdad)
  • 2 embassies led by chargés d’affaires ad interim.: Pristina (Kosovo), Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • 1 consular office: Manila (the Philippines)
  • 5 separate offices: a Representative Office in Ramallah (RAM) (Palestinian Territory) and liaison offices in Minsk (Belarus), Beirut (Lebanon), Yangon (Myanmar) and Bogotá (Colombia)
  • 5 consulates general: Los Angeles and New York (USA),  Hong Kong and Shanghai (China) and St Petersburg (Russia)
  • 2 branch offices: Murmansk and Petrozavodsk (under the Consulate General in St Petersburg, Russia)
  • 5 permanent representations or missions in international organisations: EU, COE, OECD, UN, WTO
  • 1 special mission: NATO

There are also three roving ambassadors, based in Helsinki. In addition, Finland has about 400 honorary consulates.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs published a report on Finland representation abroad on September 21, 2009: 

 The network of Finnish missions abroad

The network of Finnish missions abroad 09/2013
pdfThe network of Finnish missions abroad 2013 (PDF, 1 MB) 

Multiple accreditation

The President of the Republic can authorise the head of an embassy or mission to serve as a diplomatic representative in not only the host state but also in another state (side accreditation), which means that the head of mission is also a non-resident head of an embassy or mission in another state.

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