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News, 2/9/2018
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Finland invites the world to combat Black Carbon – a new video released

”Black Carbon – what a waste!” is a video designed by Marker Wizards together with the Department for Communication of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  The video tells how problems relating to Black Carbon could be mitigated, with particular focus on the Arctic regions.

Black Carbon_kuva: Tussitaikurit

New video uses humour to talk about a serious problem. Photo: Marker Wizards

The Arctic region is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the globe on average. Today almost a quarter of the warming in the north is caused by Black Carbon. Black Carbon is soot that originates from sources such as emissions of old industrial plants and gas flaring by the oil industry. Black Carbon emissions are also caused by forest fires etc.

“The idea for the video derives from the Finnish down-to-earth way of seeking practical solutions, also during our Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö has talked about measures to limit Black Carbon in the Arctic region both with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and with the US President Donald Trump. Finland has a lot of expertise and advanced technologies to offer”, says Ville Cantell, Director of the Unit for Europe and Neighbouring Areas Communications at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The hope is that the video will be widely shared in social media and used to provoke discussion at events where Black Carbon is on the agenda. 

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