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Press Releases, 1/31/2018

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Mykkänen to Washington DC

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen will visit Washington DC from 1 to 2 February. 

Minister Mykkänen will have meetings with Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross and other representatives of the administration. The aims of the visit are to strengthen the countries' bilateral commercial and economic relations and to hold discussions on the transatlantic trade agenda and topical development questions.

"The United States is an important trading partner for Finland and Europe, and it has also traditionally been our partner in the development of the multilateral trading system. I look forward to meeting with Secretary Ross and other representatives of the US administration to discuss their current administration's views on trade," Minister Mykkänen says.

Forging closer relations with the United States is among the Finnish Government’s foreign and security policy priorities.

Inquiries: Tuuli-Maaria Aalto, Diplomatic Adviser to Minister Mykkänen, tel. +358 40 352 0463, Ilkka-Pekka Similä, Director General of the Department for External Economic Relations +358 50 336 3856, and Soili Kangaskorpi, Director of the Unit for North America, tel. +358 50 383 0467.

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