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News, 2/1/2018

Fund for Local Cooperation - Call for 2018 Project Proposals in Tajikistan

Deadline for the Project Proposals: March 1, 2018

Background and Objectives of the FLC

Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) is an instrument of Finnish development cooperation administrated by the Office of the Ambassador of Finland for Central Asia (Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) located at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in Helsinki. Grants from the FLC are channeled through local non-governmental and community based organizations and other institutions in Tajikistan to complement the bilateral development cooperation of Finland towards poverty reduction and participation of the civil society in the development process. FLC grants have a comparative advantage to address sensitive issues related to human rights, democracy and good governance issues.

Project Piorities

As a development policy instrument, the FLC supports Finland´s overall development policy goals and priority areas. The latter are: rights and status of women and girls, the growth of developing countries' economies to generate more jobs, livelihoods and well-being, democratic and better functioning societies, food security, access to water and energy, as well as sustainable use of natural resources. Projects funded from the FLC should be in line with these priority areas. More detailed information on the Finland´s development policy can be found here.

In addition, the objectives of the FLC in Tajikistan include promotion of the rights of women, children, PwD´s and the most vulnerable groups by strengthening democratic principles and safeguarding human rights. Projects funded from the FLC should support these goals in the local context.

Available Funding and Project Size

FLC grants range from 10 000 €-15 000 €. Projects must be implemented within 2018-2019, and their maximum duration is limited up to one year.

Who Can Apply?

The FLC eligible partners include local non-governmental organizations, science and technology communities, universities and other educational and research institutions, independent media, public bodies and cultural institutions (museums, libraries, theatres, etc.), chambers of commerce and commercial associations, organizations engaged in the promotion of export and investment, businesses, cooperatives, interest of groups of companies and employees, foundations or religious communities.

FLC funding cannot be granted:

  • To the Government, ministries or municipalities of Tajikistan;
  • To an unregistered association or organisation (however, Tajikistan's special circumstances are taken into consideration);
  • To support the activities of a political party;
  • For basic research;
  • For single cultural events (that have no permanent development impact);
  • For charity;
  • For humanitarian aid;
  • In the form of a grant, scholarship or assistance for the applicant’s personal use;
  • For purchasing land;
  • To a Fund;
  • For building the capital of microcredit systems (however, development projects and training are possible).

How to Apply?

Applicants should use Wordthis application form.
(NB: Only application forms written in English will be taken into consideration!)

In case the application concerns core funding, the Project Plan is replaced by the organization's Action Plan and a budget, which indicate the area of activities that will be funded from the FLC grant.

Deadline for Applications

Please submit fully completed application forms via e-mail to by March 1, 2018. Project proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Selection Process

Applications should be fully completed and written in English. The budget should be mentioned in Euros. Only applications that are completed and submitted on time will be considered.

The Office of the Ambassador of Finland for Central Asia prioritizes projects, whose goals and objectives are in line with the goals and objectives of Finland´s Development Policy as mentioned above. The FLC priorities in Tajikistan are the promotion of rights of women, children, PwD´s and the most vulnerable groups by strengthening of democratic principles and safeguarding human rights.

The project proposals will be assessed against a standard checklist of criteria by the Office of the Ambassador of Finland for Central Asia. Both the merits of the organization and the project design will be taken into account during the selection process.

Selection of the project proposals for further development will take place by the Office of the Ambassador of Finland in Central Asia in March-April 2018. Funding decision/s will be made by the Ambassador of Finland to Tajikistan. Responses to all applicants, including both rejected and accepted ones, will be sent by the Office of the Ambassador of Finland for Central Asia.

The agreement with the Office of the Ambassador of Finland for Central Asia and an authorised representative of the selected organization/s will be stamped and signed by both parties immediately after the selection.

The Office of the Ambassador of Finland for Central Asia will have the right to audit and evaluate the project at any time during the project. The organization responsible for the project has to provide all required documentation (i.e. a mid-term report with financials as well as a final report with financials) according to the terms of the agreement.

Additional information on the FLC and application process will be provided by Ms. Irina Ambrosin, Attaché to the Ambassador of Finland for Central Asia,

Updated 2/1/2018

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