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News, 11/10/2017

Companies must register to benefit from tariffs in exports to Canada

The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada will remove tariffs on the majority of goods. This means that customs duties will be mainly eliminated on goods originating in the EU exported to Canada. To become a beneficiary of the preferential tariffs starting from 1 January 2018, companies must have registered in the Registered Exporter System (the REX system).

The procedure for becoming registered exporter:

1. Please complete the application to become a registered exporter, that is, customs form 1051s.

2. Send the completed form to the Finnish Customs.

By email:


By mail:
Poikkimaantie 16
PO Box 56
90401 OULU

3. After that, the company will receive the Economic Operator Registration and Identification number, which is included in the standard origin declaration, prepared by the exporter. The model text for the origin declaration can be found in CETA (Official Journal of the European Union 11, p. 485).

The origin declaration is provided on a commercial document, such as an invoice, related to a consignment containing goods originating in the EU. In accordance with CETA, preferential tariffs will be granted in Canada on the basis of this origin declaration.

The EU Market Access Database provides advice to companies on CETA and information on tariff levels and required documents for exporters in about a hundred other non-EU countries.

Inquiries: Pasi-Heikki Vaaranmaa, Director, Trade Policy Unit, tel. +358 295 351 700, or Marjut Akola, Director, Market Access Unit, tel. +358 295 351 105.

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