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News, 9/21/2017

UN Human Rights Council approved the report on Finland – implementation to start

The Human Rights Council approved today, Thursday 21 September, the report on the review of Finland’s human rights records as part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process.

Finland emphasised the Government’s actions to promote equal opportunities and prevent violence against women. Hate speech and self-determination issues, among others, were mentioned as key human rights challenges in Finland.

This was the third time Finland’s human rights records have been reviewed, and it received 153 recommendations from other UN Member States. The Finnish Government accepted 120 recommendations fully and 6 partially, and noted the remaining 27 recommendations.

Finland’s response to the UN regarding the human rights recommendations.

Ambassador for Human Rights and Democracy Rauno Merisaari welcomes the public debate on the Government’s actions with regard to fundamental and human rights following the UPR process. Peer reviews are a mutual learning process. “We can now start implementing the recommendations, and we still have a lot of work to do,” Merisaari says.

Finland is committed to submitting to the UN in 2019 a voluntary mid-term report on implementing the recommendations. The human rights records of the entire UN membership will be reviewed every 4–5 years.

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