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Press Releases, 9/4/2017

Minister Berner to attend meeting of Ministers for Nordic Cooperation

Press release 148/2017
4 September 2017

Minister for Nordic Cooperation Anne Berner will attend a meeting of the Ministers for Nordic Cooperation in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 5 September 2017.

The Ministers are expected to decide on the Nordic countries’ new programme in response to the 2030 Agenda, called Generation 2030, and on the future of the Arctic Cooperation Programme for 2018–2021. 

The Ministers for Nordic Cooperation will also discuss the budget of the Nordic Council of Ministers for 2018, the continuation of the mandate of the Freedom of Movement Council, and be reported of the impacts of the temporary identity and border checks in the Nordic countries.

Inquiries: Acting Chief of the Secretariat for Nordic Cooperation, Counsellor for Foreign Affairs, Johan Schalin, tel. +358 295 351 781.

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