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News, 8/29/2017

Finland considers North Korea’s most recent missile test strongly condemnable

According to Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini, North Korea’s latest missile test will further aggravate the tensions in the region. North Korea fired a ballistic missile last night Finnish time. The missile flew over the island of Hokkaido, which belongs to Japan, and crashed into the sea.

“This is an extremely serious matter. It is clear that the UN Security Council will meet soon,” Soini says.

Soini considers North Korea’s actions very dangerous and strongly condemnable.

“What makes the situation particularly regrettable is that the tensions seem to continue,” Soini notes.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula has exacerbated

North Korea’s repeated missile launches escalate the tensions on the Korean Peninsula and regionally.

In 2016, North Korea made two nuclear tests and launched 27 ballistic missiles. The number of missile launches was greater than during the entire 18-year regime of the previous leader Kim Jong-il.

During 2017, the country has fired 22 missiles in 14 missile tests. The latest of them was the missile, which few over Japan’s territory and ended into the Pacific Ocean on 29 August.

Finland condemns North Korea’s provocative actions, which constitute a threat to the international peace and security.

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