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Press Releases, 6/15/2017

Ministry for Foreign Affairs' ThisisFINLAND YouTube channel selects new Finland YouTubers

Press release 113/2017
15 June 2017

In spring 2016, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs run ThisisFINLAND YouTube channel changed its strategy and handed the channel over to ten young YouTubers.  Now, ThisisFinland has selected ten new Youtubers for the coming year.

Some of the selected YouTubers are familiar faces while others are new blood. Some have their own established fan bases while others are posting on YouTube for the first time.  An important criterion in the selection process was that each YouTuber had a specific passion and that their videos provided a window into daily life in different parts of Finland.

In addition to young people and young adults, this time ThisisFinland also wanted a YouTuber who could give a glimpse into the lives of Finnish seniors.

Meet the new team! View the attached video and visit each YouTuber's own YouTube channel:

  • Veka, Sotkamo: a video journal on Finland's nature
  • Selma,Jyväskylä: lifestyle tips and life hacks
  • Roni Back, Helsinki: games, skits and life
  • Helmi Matilda, Turku: a 15 year-old lifestyle Youtuber
  • Dosdela & Seksikäs Suklaa, Helsinki: humor and urban daily life
  • Virkkasin, Rääkkylä: do-it-yourself pro
  • Dave Cad, UK/Finland: a Brit with a Finnish girlfriend
  • Real Skifi, Jyväskylä: performs daredevil stunts
  • Sivi Jomppanen, Nuorgam:  No previous YouTube channel - we are eagerly awaiting for Sivi, who is Sámi, to kick off her Youtube career.
  • Rapmummo Eila, Helsinki: senior hiphop sensation

"Our channel offers a personal and modern picture of Finland at its most genuine. We do not in any manner determine or dictate the content of videos," Petra Theman, Director of the Unit for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs outlines.

The majority of the YouTubers will produce ten videos for the ThisisFINLAND YouTube channel over the year.


Further information: Petra Theman, Director of Unit for Public Diplomacy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Tel. +358 295 351 558
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