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Press Releases, 5/23/2017

Investigation into kidnapping case in Afghanistan continues

Press release 98/2017
23 May 2017

The Finnish authorities are continuing enquiries concerning the kidnapping of a Finn in Afghanistan under the leadership of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. At the moment, the authorities are doing their utmost to ensure the release of the Finn and to guarantee security and the person’s safety.

Different descriptions of the course of events and the motives behind the attack have been presented in public. All information that circulates in public may put the safety of the person at risk and harm the investigation. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs therefore advises restraint as regards reporting unconfirmed news. False pieces of news have circulated in public and even trading in news is not an unusual practice in Afghanistan.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs intends to report on the matter regularly but communication will be limited because of reasons related to investigation and the safety and privacy of the person. This applies both to persons, events and the authorities’ investigations into the matter.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki serves as the centre of communications on the matter.

Inquiries: Media Coordination, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358 40 551 6571

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