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Press Releases, 4/7/2017

Kyrgyzstan’s Foreign Minister Erlan Abdyldaev to visit Finland

Press release 63/2017
6 April 2017

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan Erlan Abdyldaev will visit Finland on 11 April and meet Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini. The subjects of their discussions will include the relations between Finland and Kyrgyzstan, the relations between the European Union and Kyrgyzstan, the situation in Central Asia, and other topical international matters.

Foreign Minister Abdyldaev will also meet Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen. The Ministers will discuss the development of the commercial relations between Finland and Kyrgyzstan and Finland’s development cooperation with Kyrgyzstan.

In addition, Minister Abdyldaev will hold meetings with representatives of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Geological Survey of Finland, and the Finnish Environment Institute, which are carrying out development cooperation projects in the country. Finland supports Kyrgyzstan’s development by approximately EUR three million a year. The support focuses on the development of the rule of law, water management and fish processing as well as geology.  Finland’s trade with Kyrgyzstan is modest but there is potential for its development in sectors such as mining and tourism. Both countries have appointed honorary consuls.

Inquiries: Matti Nissinen, Diplomatic Adviser to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, tel. +358 295 351 780, Marja Koskela, Diplomatic Adviser to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, tel. +358 295 350 633 and Pirjo Välinoro, Counsellor, Unit for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, tel. +358 295 351 791.

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