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Press Releases, 12/22/2016

NGOs and municipalities granted 36 million euros for development cooperation

Press release 243/2016

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted a total of 36 million euros to NGOs and municipalities for development cooperation projects and programmes in support for communications and global education. In this application cycle, project support was granted to 43 organisations and one muncipality, communications and global education support to 19 organisations and programme support to eight organisations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has completed its decisions on project support for NGOs and municipalities, communications and global education support and programme support in the 2016 application cycle. Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen has granted about 15.6 million euros to projects by small and medium-sized organisations and municipalities, more than 1.4 million euros for communications and global education projects in Finland, and 19 million euros in programme support for large organisations’ operations.

Support for four one-year projects

There were two changes in this project support application cycle: for the first time, there was an option of applying for support for four years (2017-2020), while this time municipalities were also allowed to apply for support. Compared to the 2014 application cycle, there were increases in both the total sum sought and the number of applications.

A total of 15.6 million euros in project support was granted to 43 organisations and one municipality. The largest number of positive decisions concerned projects in Somalia, Tanzania, Lebanon and Nepal. Support recipients also included projects supporting refugees in Lebanon, for instance. Approximately 63% of the support was directed toward the least-developed countries. In line with the themes of the Government Report on Development Policy, the largest support grants went to projects aimed at advancing the status and rights of women and girls, as well as those promoting democracy and operational capacity in societies. The next application cycle opens in 2018.

Two-year grants for communications and global education

A total of about 1.4 million euros in communications and global education support was granted to 19 NGOs for 2017-18. In this application cycle, aid was directed particularly toward projects providing information in Finland about the reasons behind the refugee crisis and the UN’s sustainable development goals. Most of the projects funded are educational projects, and most are being implemented through cooperation among several partners. Fifteen of them are two-year projects while four are one-year projects. The next application cycle will be arranged in 2018.

Programme support for a year

Eight organisations (the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, Fida, CMI, WWF, Fairtrade Finland, the Finnish Refugee Council, Operation a Day's Work and Save the Children) have been granted state support for 2017. The support totals 19 million euros. Through these one-year grants, these organisations’ programme period will be harmonised with those of other programme support recipient groups, so that in future all organisations can apply for programme support simultaneously. The application cycle for programme support in 2018-2021 will be arranged during 2017. In terms of appropriations, programme support is the largest form of support for civil society actors. At the moment it is being granted to 22 organisations.

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