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NGO Interaction, Prevention and Protection Program for Victims of Trafficking – 2013


The project aims at identifying victims of trafficking and domestic violence and people in at-risk situations through two toll-free phone lines in Transnistria and the prevention of those antisocial phenomena with the help of the Hotline (HL) and Trust line (TL) providing counseling regarding to the risks of trafficking and domestic violence and direct emergency assistance for victims, the volunteer network implementing informational activities among youth and work with mass media, and to develop access to protection and reintegration services for victims of domestic violence in Transnistria region of Moldova. The main reason of the project is lack of possibilities and services of local governmental and nongovernmental organizations to organize quality legal assistance and protection for potential victims of trafficking (VoT) and domestic violence (VoDV) in Transnistria. NGO Interaction through this project will keep the public aware about the situation in trafficking in human beings and domestic violence in Transnistria. The project timely ensures a high level of psychosocial and legal assistance for (potential) VoTs and VoDVs. It provides for sharing of best practices gained in the National Referral System (NRS) for (potential) victims implemented in Moldova with the Transnistria region. NGO Interaction through this project will actively help forward the necessity of creating common regional mechanism for prevention trafficking in human beings, protection and social reintegration for victims. As an additional element, a volunteer informational component of the overall prevention campaign will be implemented through social theater spectacles in educational institutions of Transnistria in close cooperation with Pedagogical College in Bender. Bender pedagogical college ensures the group of students and special room for repetition for Youth Volunteer Social Theater, and mentorship for volunteers as well as establishing contacts with educational institutions on whole territory of Transnistria.

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