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News, 1/22/2015

The Ministry has received 12 reports of alleged misuse of development cooperation funds 

In June 2014, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs established an online system for reports of suspicions of misuse of development cooperation funds. All reports are handled at the Ministry or referred to other public authorities. The other Nordic countries have introduced similar reporting mechanisms.

The table below illustrates the reported suspicions of misuse received either through the online reporting system or via internal channels in 2014. A total of twelve allegations were reported via the online system in June–December 2014. Some of the reported cases received so far did not deal with misuse of development cooperation funds but concerned other matters. 

One of the reports was transferred to another authority because the matter belongs to its field of activities. One report was unfounded, because it concerned a country where Finland is not engaged in development cooperation activities.

Suspicions of misuse are taken seriously

By means of the online service, we seek to address cases of misuse more effectively and improve risk management in development cooperation. You can submit your report at The service is published in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The Ministry takes irregularities relating to the use of development cooperation funds very seriously and alleged cases of misuse were examined already before the online reporting system was introduced. The Ministry addresses all suspicions and decides what measures will be taken.

Considering the total volume of development cooperation, there have been very few financial irregularities or cases of misuse.


Online reporting system

Internal reports


12 (subdivided as follows: cooperation with civil society organisations 4, bilateral cooperation 1, cultural projects in developing countries 1, non-specified 6)

27 (subdivided as follows: multilateral cooperation 4, bilateral cooperation 12, humanitarian aid 1, cooperation with civil society organisations 10)

Suspicions that have not led to an examination*



Transferred to other public authorities



Examination is ** under way



The matter has been resolved; the suspicion was unfounded



The matter has been resolved – The suspicion has led to measures***



The measures have been completed



* The cases do not apply to the misuse of Finland's development cooperation funds or the report does not provide sufficiently detailed information for the launch of an examination.

** For example, a special audit

*** For example, a claim of recovery

Additional information: Director General at the Department for Development Policy Pekka Puustinen, tel. +358 295 350 560, Senior Adviser (Democracy and good governance) Jaakko Jakkila, tel. +358 295 351 511.

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