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News, 12/23/2014

Tuomioja on relations between Cuba and the United States: A pleasant surprise

Foreign MinisterErkki Tuomioja does not believe that the warming of relations between Cuba and the United States is directly related to the Ukrainian crisis. In his view, the direction now is good, and at the same time irreversible. Tuomioja commented on relations between the countries during an interview on the Finnish broadcasting company, Yle.

To Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, the rise of a link for dialogue between Cuba and the United States came as a great surprise.

"This was a really pleasant surprise,” Tuomioja said in an interview on Yle on 17 December.

The warming of relations between Cuba and the United States will have a positive impact on the general international atmosphere according to Tuomioja. He believes that the direction is permanent.

“We haven’t had much good news from the world recently; quite the opposite. Various conflicts have mostly escalated, so it is good that this sort of very long-standing confrontation configuration is gradually dismantled. However, this also has its opponents in the United States, possibly also in Cuba, but I believe that this is irreversible."

See the original interview on the Yle website (in Finnish).

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