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Development cooperation, 7/2/2014

EU Pegase-mechanism


PEGASE is EU’s main mechanism to support Palestinian state building and the implementation of the Palestine National Development Plan. Through Pegase the EU Commission and donors generate Direct Financial Support towards the Palestinian Administration’s (PA) recurrent costs. A new window has been opened to Pegase in 2013 with the aim of supporting the East Jerusalem hospitals and Finland’s support for the year 2014, amounting to 2,5 million euros, will be directed to this. The East Jerusalem hospitals are suffering from an acute financial crisis which threatens their very existence. Supporting development in East Jerusalem is also a policy goal of both the PA and the EU. The aim of Finland’s support will be to guarantee equal access to health care for all Palestinians.

Funding decision 7/2/2014

2 500 000 €

Target country

Palestinian Administrated Areas

Field of activity

Medical services 50%
Public sector policy and administrative management 50%

Type of aid

Sector budget support

Funding channel

Euroopan komission kehitysapubudjetti
Kehitysmaan julkinen sektori

Program based



Code for the object of funding




Created date




Case state

Technical planning
Quality assurance group handling
Preparation of programme proposal

Case status


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