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Development cooperation, 5/5/2014

Tunisia Ministry of the Interior - Police College of Finland, Capacity-building within the Tunisian Police and National Guard


The institutional capacity building project between the Ministry of the Interior of Tunisia and the Police College of Finland will reorganise and develop the Tunisian Police and the National Guard. Also the capacity of the Tunisian Police and the National Guard to coordinate and absorb international assistance directed to them will be increased as part of the project. Since the regime change of 2011 Tunisia has aimed to improve security, law and order and to reform the police in an effort to stabilize the overall situation. The police reform is part of the wider process aimed at the democratic transition of Tunisia. The institutional capacity building project will contribute to that process. The duration of the project is two years, and its budget is 498 550 euros. The direct results aimed by the project are a more efficient organisation structure of the Tunisian Police and the National Guard and their organisational culture based on the rule of law. The direct beneficiary of the project is the Tunisian Police and the National Guard. However, considering the nature of the functions of the security sector and their effects on the well-being of citizens the ultimate beneficiary of the project is Tunisian society at large. The implementation of the project entails three phases, and its possible risks include unexpected changes in the political, economic or security situation of the country.

Funding decision 5/5/2014

498 550 €

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324 234 €

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Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

Participatory development/Good governance
Gender equality

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Legal and judicial development 100%

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Project-type interventions

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