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Development cooperation, 2/14/2014

INT/UNCTAD Trust Funds for Research and Technical Assistance


Helping developing countries to integrate better into the world economy and trade. The three pillars of UNCTAD's work are: 1) intergovernmental negotiations; 2) research, policy analysis and statistics; and 3) technical assistance. Finland is one of the most important countries providing voluntary contributions to UNCTAD. Finland has actively participated in the reform processes of UNCTAD during the last few years. President Tarja Halonen was co-chair of UNCTAD's Panel of Eminent Persons in 2012-2013. Finland supports financially the following areas of UNCTAD's work: investment and entrepreneurship, ICT and development, Virtual Institute and trade and gender, as well asa WTO accessions.

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Funding decision 2/14/2014

1 910 000 €

Target region

Developing countries (not specified)

Field of activity

Trade policy and administrative management 60%
Multilateral trade negotiations 20%
Business support services and institutions 20%

Type of aid

Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and funds managed by international organisations (multilateral, INGO)

Funding channel

YK:n kauppa- ja kehityskonferenssi

Program based



Code for the object of funding




Created date




Case state

Technical planning
Quality assurance group handling
Preparation of programme proposal

Case status


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