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News, 2/19/2014

Tuomioja: Finland supports France in the preparations for the 2015 Climate Conference

Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja pledged that Finland will collaborate with France to make the 2015 International Climate Conference a success. Tuomioja discussed the matter with Foreign Minister of France Laurent Fabius during his visit to Paris.

Photo: Marko Ruonala
The ministers met in Quai d’Orsay, the French foreign ministry. Photo: Marko Ruonala
The ministers met in Quai d'Orsay, the French foreign ministry. Photo: Marko Ruonala

In the press conference after the meeting, Minister Fabius said that he had proposed cooperation to Tuomioja, now that France is making preparations for the Climate Conference. According to Tuomioja, Finland will support France’s efforts to make the event a success.

The Climate Conference will be held in November-December 2015 in the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, located north-east of Paris.

Fabius commended Finland for active operation in Africa

According to Fabius, Finland and France have a lot in common, such as a similar approach to international issues. Both countries are strongly committed to the EU’s military and civilian missions. Fabius expressed his commendation of Finland's active operation in Africa to Tuomioja.

The Ministers discussed also the situation in Ukraine and the relationships with Russia. According to Tuomioja, Finland and France share many similar views on EU issues and issues related to neighbouring areas. Tuomioja pointed out that both countries have interest to develop the EU’s Common Defence and Security Policy.

Tuomioja praised France for having taken the leading role in seeking solution to the crisis in the Central African Republic. The Minister also declared that Finland is prepared to make its own contribution to the EU mission. According to Tuomioja, the EU should act effectively to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

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