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Development cooperation, 5/20/2013

UN Women; Developing Afghanistan's National Action Plan on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and Related Resolutions


The Project supplements support to Afghanistan and Finland Twinning Cooperation started in 2010 in preparation of Afghanistan's National Action plan on UNSCR 1325. The project will be implemented by the Direcrorate of Human Rights and Women's International Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and UN Women with bi-lateral support from the Government of Finland. UN Women is entering into the process to provide financial and technical support necessary to complete the preparations of NAP on UNSCR 1325. The project aims to prepare Afghanistan's NAP on UNSCR 1325 in a collaborative and inclusive manner, ensuring alignment with international standards set for UNSCR 1325 and NAPs. Once finalized, NAP is set for including a monitoring and evaluation strategy for future activities, increase stakeholder awareness of and commitment to UNSCR 1325 and related resolutions in Afghanistan at the national and sub-national levels and develop a mechanism for the receipt and disbursement of funds for any additional activities needed for the implementation of NAP, and for monitoring and evaluating the SCR 1325 NAP in Afghanistan.

Funding decision 5/20/2013

500 000 €

Target country


Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

Gender equality
Participatory development/Good governance

Field of activity

Women’s equality organisations and institutions 50%
Post-conflict peace-building (UN) 50%

Type of aid

Project-type interventions

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