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Development cooperation, 8/8/2013

Development Aid and Small Scale Projects in Northern Afghanistan


Finland has carried out development and small scale projects in Northern Afghanistan since 2008. The current project provides funding to UNICEF, UNDP, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), and small scale projects identified by the Embassy of Finland in Kabul. UNICEF’s project addresses water and sanitation issues and promotes good hygienic practices (WASH) at schools in Northern Afghanistan. Finland continues to provide funds for construction and rehabilitation of WASH facilities and to increase hygiene education and hygiene promotion activities. According to UNICEF, this project will have in total approximately 225 000 beneficiaries (pupils). Afghan Subnational Governance Programme (ASGP) implemented by UNDP strengthens effective subnational governance that promotes public participation. A range of activities include implementing sustainable capacity development in subnational governance entities, such as providing technical support to assist to increase revenues and deliver better basic services. The programme supports Rule of Law and sustainable development in Afghanistan. Finland supports Swedish Committee for Afghanistan’s (SCA) project “Support for Right to Education & Promotion of Girls’ Education in Rural Parts of Afghanistan”. It increases the number of qualified female teachers and provides basic material for schools such as blackboards, basic furniture and books. This project also targets local communities and parents to inform them of the importance to send their children (both girls and boys) to school. Embassy of Finland in Kabul finances small scale projects in Northern Afghanistan, which focus mainly in human rights and gender equality.

Funding decision 8/8/2013

1 500 000 €

Target country


Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

Participatory development/Good governance
Gender equality

Field of activity

Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation 50%
Decentralisation and support to subnational government 25%
Education facilities and training 25%

Type of aid

Project-type interventions

Funding channel

YK:n lastenrahasto
YK:n kehitysohjelma
Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) / Svenska Afghanistankommittén (SAK)



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