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Developing Mongolian Medical infrastructure through enhanced training of Doctors for evaluation for and in-flight patient care.


The overall objective is to improve the access to medical care and treatment for all Mongolians regardless of where they live. Specialized health care of one million people in Mongolian vast countryside depends on the medical services available in the capital but undeveloped road network hinders patient transfers by road. Consequently, Mongolia is developing in-flight medical transfers to help countryside hospitals with only basic treatment capability. This project develops the capacity of the Mongolian Emergency Medical network of the Ministry of Health. The health care professionals working in this area have received limited or no training in the field of patient transport or in-flight patient care. Training by Finnish aeromedical experts enables Mongolian doctors to make transport safe for patients requiring treatment in the capital. This increases the quality and capacity Mongolian medical and health infrastructure.Mongolian doctors lack current training in relevant aeromedical issues and in-flight patient care. The patient security is compromised when medical flights are requested to remote areas in Mongolia where doctors and nurses have no aeromedical knowledge. There is lack of understanding on general principles of patient transfers and phenomena caused by reduced pressure and oxygen levels in-flight. Receiving specific training on patient transfers and in-flight patient care by Finnish aeromedical experts will enhance Mongolian Medical infrastructure and result in safer and more secure medical flights. This training is also applicable to any transport of patients. Thereby it will build the infrastructure and capacity of the health care system and emergency patient care system in Mongolia.


2013: 78 241 €
2014: 69 946 €
2015: 71 901 €

Target country


Field of activity

Medical education/training 50%
Medical services 25%
Basic health infrastructure 25%

Type of aid

Project-type interventions

Special target group

elderly people
people with disability
indigenous peoples / ethnic minorities

Funding channel

Suomen Lähetyslentäjät ry MAF Finland rf
MAF Mongolia/Blue Sky Aviation



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