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Development cooperation, 7/5/2013

Ecuador, ICI-cooperation in the field of meteorology


The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Ecuador, INAMHI, is an authoritative statutory body with legal status under the national Secretariat or Risks (Secretaría Naconal de Riesgos). It acts as the source of necessary hydro-meteorological data and services to different target groups for support in decision making. INAMiHI operates a nationwide observation network and maintains hydro-meteorological data records for climatic and environmental research. The main service products of INAMHI are hydro-meteorological forecasts including warnings and alerts on severe conditions. The institutional cooperation's overall objective is to reduce risks for the loss of human life and property caused by hazardous weather and changing climate in Ecuadorian society. The project purpose is to improve readiness and capacity at INAMHI to manage and produce safety services on extreme natural phenomena for the Ecuadorian society. The cooperation focuses on building the capacity on know-how on hydro-meteorological observation networks incl. data handling, adoption of new observation technologies incl. weather radars, and enhancing of weather and early warning services to mitigate impacts of natural hazards in Ecuador. The project beneficiaries are the INAMHI staff whose capacity and know-how is strengthened. Other beneficiaries include different economic sectors of society e.g. agriculture, energy with better agro-meteorological information and weather and climate services to plan and promote the use of hydro-, solar and wind-power facilities and generators. The availability of enhanced, reliable and accessible weather services benefit the local population and their livelihoods and living conditions as well as resilience against climate induced risks. The implementing parties are Finnish Meteorological Institute and The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Ecuador INAMHI. The duration of the project is two and a half years, 2012-2013 and budget 250 000 Euros.

Funding decision 7/5/2013

250 000 €

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250 000 €

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Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

Climate change - adaptation

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Environmental policy and administrative management 100%

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Project-type interventions

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