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Press Releases, 6/13/2013

Government adopted the first Team Finland strategy

Government Communications Department
Press release 276/2013

The Team Finland project aims to improve the effectiveness of Finland's external economic relations, enhance internationalisation services, encourage foreign investment and promote the country image by bringing together all related key actors and services. On Wednesday 13 June, the Government adopted the first Team Finland strategy, which establishes a set of annually reviewed overarching priorities for the TF activities.

- In today's changing world, the State must promote the generation of added value in our national economy on a wide front. By doing so, we can create growth, employment and well-being in Finland. In addition to export promotion, we need to make Finland attractive, said Prime Minister Katainen

The Team Finland strategy was drawn up by the steering group for Finland's External Economic Relations, chaired by Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen. The preparation involved extensive consultations with Team Finland network participants, stakeholder groups and non-governmental organisations.

Promoting internationalisation

In 2014, special attention will be paid to increasing efficiency in internationalisation advisory services and data production, as well as networking and having an influence in the target markets. Publicly funded services will be used to bridge so-called market gaps – on services where there is a rational basis for public funding.

In internationalisation services, the priorities include: cleantech (incl. energy and resource efficiency, renewable energy, water and air quality), ICT and software business, life sciences, bioeconomy, Arctic competence, creative industries and design, and education. Internationalisation services are provided globally, but the service contents differ depending on the region. In the large growth markets, the emphasis is on local influencing, whereas in neighbouring markets, the focus is on internationalisation advisory services to SMEs, and building networks between companies and customers.

Advisory services targeted at enterprises are generally provided to SMEs in the early stages of their internationalisation. Services provided by the Finnish missions abroad will be defined more precisely, with an emphasis on networking and influencing decision-makers. Country information and anticipatory information services, provided by various organisations, will be unified. Changes include merging the FinNode network managed by Tekes into the shared foresight service under the Team Finland brand.

In internationalisation services special attention will be paid to ways of developing regional activities in Finland. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the regional operating model and the roles of the parties involved in the Team Finland network will be clearly specified. One of the key objectives is to improve customer focus by bringing all publicly funded internationalisation services under the Team Finland concept.

Influencing the business environment abroad

The Team Finland strategy sets out the priorities for Finland's actions that aim to influence the business operating environment abroad. In EU Member States, the focus will be on spearhead projects (incl. the digital single market, internal market for services, energy policy, revision of rules regarding state subsidies, and problems associated with tax evasion) designed to prevent protectionism and to strengthen the internal market. In economic relations outside the EU, the emphasis is on the major growth markets such as the United States, China, Russia, India, and Brazil. In trade policy, the focus will be on negotiations between the EU and the United States and sector-specific agreements. Thematic focus areas include intellectual property rights, public procurement and the harmonisation of technical provisions.

Promoting investment in Finland

Steps will be taken to promote foreign investment in Finland. One of these steps will involve tapping into the Team Finland network abroad for these purposes. This will provide a considerably greater geographic coverage for operations than is seen today. In 2014, active sales efforts will focus on environmental business, the mobile industry and software, and R&D activities in collaboration with Finnish players, particularly those engaged in ICT and pharmaceutical research. Maximum geographic coverage will be sought in the assessment of investment opportunities.

Country branding

Finland will focus on three key themes in country branding: cleanliness, design and competence. The key strategic concept will be to emphasise topics that attract widespread public attention and raise interest in Finland. By doing so, Finland's country image and brand will be communicated more effectively and its benefits felt far and wide within society, beyond individual sectors or interest groups. A set of eye-catching events and communications activities will be built around the key themes. In 2014, cooperation between various organisations involved in promoting Finland's country brand will be refined and the country branding tools and web platforms brought together.

The Team Finland strategy is available on the Prime Minister’s Office website at and on the Team Finland website at:

Inquiries: Tuomas Tapio, Head of Unit, Government External Economic Relations Unit, tel.  +358 295 160 190, and Nina Hyvärinen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 160 191, Prime Minister's Office

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