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Country Strategy for Development Cooperation with Tanzania 2014–2017

 pdf Country Strategy for Development Cooperation with Tanzania 2014-2017


Cooperation with Finland's seven longterm development partner countries is based primarily on individual, goal-oriented country programmes, the starting point for which is the development plan each country has made for itself. In addition, the main operational guidelines of Finland’s development policy apply.

In accordance with EU recommendations, each country programme tries to contain at least three areas of development cooperation. The aim is that the partner country will lead the coordination of development cooperation in the implementation.

The Country Strategy defines indicators to use to monitor the progress of development cooperation in the partner country, and to evaluate the effectiveness of Finland’s activities.

Objectives of the Finnish Development Cooperation with Tanzania:

  • Good governance and equitable service delivery
  • Sustainable management of the natural resources and access to land
  • Inclusive sustainable and employment enhancing growth

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