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Tenders, 7/18/2012

Consultancy Services for Programme Planning for EEP Mekong 2013-2016

The deadline for tenders is 20 August 2012 at 12:00.

The EEP Mekong Phase I (2009-2012) is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) and Nordic Development Fund (NDF). The EEP operates in four GMS countries; Cambodia, Lao PDR; Thailand; and Vietnam with focus on saving energy, increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. The EEP provides funding for pilot projects, pre-/feasibility studies, institutional and capacity development.

The government of Finland has allocated 9.1 million Euros to support the EEP programme Phase II (2013-16). Phase II will aim at strengthening the results achieved under the Phase I, and at introducing necessary adjustments and improvements in the programme concept. The rationale of the EEP Phase II is to address the challenges of energy poverty, energy security and energy related global and local environmental impacts in an integrated way and from a regional perspective. Furthermore, the Phase II will support the development of national strategies, policies and laws of the partner countries related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste-to-energy.

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Unit: ASA-10

Contact person: Marita Meranto

The documents and further information are available upon request from kati.veijonen(at) or srin.boonyoung(at)  

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