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Press Releases, 11/2/2011

Finland grants humanitarian aid to the victims of heavy rains in Central America

Press release 296/2011
2 November 2011

By a decision made by Minister for International Development Heidi Hautala, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will target EUR 400,000 of emergency aid to those suffering from the consequences of the heavy rains in Central America.

This year, the rainy and hurricane season affecting Central America every autumn has caused exceptionally serious damage. The tropical depression that hit the area has caused heavy, continuous rainfall. The UN launched flash appeals in El Salvador on 25 October and in Nicaragua on 28 October. Honduras and Costa Rica have also reported varying degrees of damage.

In El Salvador, the rainfall levels have been the highest in the past fifty years. A total of 300,000 people are suffering from the floods caused by the heavy rains. The infrastructure is badly damaged, and some parts of the country have become inaccessible. The rains are still expected to continue.

Finland’s donation of EUR 400,000 will be channelled through the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF. By providing assistance, Finland aims to improve the basic living conditions and prevent the spread of epidemics in El Salvador as well as in the region of Central America in general. UNICEF helps those in distress by providing them with temporary shelters, clean drinking water, and hygiene and sanitation services.

Further information: Ulla-Maija Finskas, Head of Unit for Humanitarian Assistance, tel. +358 400 431 921, and Attaché Janne Heiskanen, tel. +358 40 132 1585


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