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Press Releases, 2/23/2011

Earthquake in New Zealand

Press release 58/2010
22 February 2011

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is still determining the situation of Finns in New Zealand following the devastating earthquake. A strong earthquake struck Christchurch, located on the South Island of New Zealand, in the morning of 22 February Finnish time. The city has suffered extensive damage and many buildings have collapsed. The death toll is at least 60 people, but it is feared that the number will rise.

It is known at the Ministry that about 90 Finns are in New Zealand, and contact has been made with nearly all of them. Some live in the country permanently; others have filed a travel notice with the Ministry. The Ministry is not aware that any Finns would have been injured. The Ministry is continuing its efforts to reach the Finns with whom contact has not been made yet.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs does not have an embassy in New Zealand. The closest diplomatic mission of Finland is located in Australia. 

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