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Advance information on future tender competitions of the Department for Africa and the Middle East

Note! The information below is not fully comprehensive and the schedules may change.


Name of the Programme

Estimated schedule

Type of the assignment

Ethiopia Agro-BIG programme Q4/2015-Q1/2016 Second phase, planning
Mozambique Support to National Forestry Programme (SUNAFOP) Q1-2/2016 Final Evaluation
Palestine Education Strategic Plan (EDSP III) Q3-4/2015 Support Services
Regional (Egypt, Yemen) IOM Promoting Better Health and Well Being Amongst Migrants Q1/2016 Review
Regional Southern African Innovation Support Programme (SAIS II) Q1/2016 Implementation
Regional Building Biocarbon and Rural Development in West Africa (BIODEV) Q1-2/2016 Evaluation
Tanzania Innovation Support Programme (TANZIS) Q4/2015 Appraisal
Tanzania Innovation Support Programme (TANZIS) Q1/2016 Implementation
Tanzania Agriculture sector  Q1-2/2016 Identification and formulation
Tanzania National Forest and Beekeeping Programme Q4/2015 Appraisal
Tanzania National Forest and Beekeeping Programme Q1-2/2016 Implementation
Kenya Forestry sector Q4/2015 Formulation
Kenya Forestry sector Q2/2016 Appraisal
Zambia Private Sector Development Q2-3/2016 Formulation

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