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Brochure: Supporting Democracy – The Finnish Experience

pdfSupporting Democracy – The Finnish Experience (PDF, 889 kB)

Democracy is a predominant form of government in the world today. In Africa alone 2010 has seen elections in more than 20 countries. The popular support for democracy has never been bigger. Democracy doesn’t mean only free elections but has a greater meaning to the citizens who vote; they aspire to a more dignified and rewarding life through engagement with society. It also relates to values such as equality and freedom.

Finland applies a holistic approach to democracy. Democracy is inextricably associated to human rights, rule of law, good governance and to anti-corruption. Democracy is more than civil and political rights, it is also about economic, social and cultural rights. Due to historical circumstances, differences in cultures, and stage of development, democracy is practiced in diverse forms around the world. Many democracies face challenges with issues such as gender, corruption, law and order.

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