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Decision: Consultancy services for appraisal mission for Livelihood Improvement of Peatlands (LICOP), Indonesia (forestry framework agreement)


ASSIGNMENT FORM defining the Consultancy services for the provision of short term technical assistance in the forest sector through a framework contract covering Asia, Latin America and Africa for the period of 2009-2010 with a possible extension of 2011-2012.


 Indufor Oy


Project code: 79811101

Assignment number:

Year 2010

Assignment title, Country

Consultancy services for appraisal mission for Livelihood Improvement of Peatlands (LICOP), Indonesia


 Support for livelyhood improvement, reduction of deforestation and degradation of peatland forests

Type of the mission Appraisal
Difficulty level of the assignment

The estimated difficulty level of the assignment requires the following N:o of Personnel


N:o of Personnel

Senior Expert (over 12 years of experience)


Expert (5-12 years of experience


National and regional Expert (5-12 years of experience)


Length of the assignment The combined total of consultant days is maximum of 78 consultant days.

Detailed specification of assignment

 Minimum requirements:

  • Team members' education shall be Master's degree
  • All experts are rquired to have fluency in English, National and regional expert is required to have fluency also in Bahasa Indonesia
  • At least one proposed team member is included in the list of personnel in the Framework contract HELM134-18
  • Proven working experience in sustainable forest managemet, including community forestry and rehabilitation and sustainable management of peatlands (peatland forestry), Senior Expert over 12 years of experience, other Experts 5-12 years of experience
  • CV is no longer that five pages

Selection criteria

  • Situation and potential of forests and peatlands in Indonesia
  • Institutional, legislative and regulatory issues to the forestry sector in Indonesia
  • Training and capacity building of public and private institutions
  • Administration and organization of ODA interventions
  • Climate change issues related to forestry, including forest carbon financing and REDD aproaches
  • Availability, how many days after the contract is done, the will be ready to start?


Required deliverables

 The consultant shall deliver the following deliverables within the response time specified in this assignment form:

  • Appraisal report
  • Project document
Deadline Tender of the mini-competition shall be submitted 31 August 2010 at 12.00 hrs
Notes Questions may be submitted in English or in Finnish by e-mail
Contact persons in Ministry
 Marita Meranto, ASA-10, marita.meranto at
Signature of the Ministry
Place and date Helsinki, 14th September, 2010
Signed Johan Schalin, Director
Other attachments

WordAnnex 1 Terms of Reference (Word)

WordAnnex 2 CV-template (Word)

WordAnnex 3 LICOP project document (Word)

pdfAnnex 4 KCFP project document (PDF)

Development Policy Guidelines for Forestry Sector (MFA)

pdfIdentification Mission Report: Possibilities for Finnish Suppor t to Forest Sector and Climate Change Issues in Indonesia (PDF)

Return address for assignment by e-mail to marita.meranto at

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Updated 10/13/2010

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