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Tenders, 8/5/2010

Technical Support to the Implementation of the Programme for Agriculture and Livelihoods in Western Communities (PALWECO) in Kenya

The tender must be received by the Ministry not later than at 10.00 HRS (GMT+2), Monday 23.8.2010. (The notice has been supplemented on August 5, 2010.)

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Unit for Eastern and Western Africa invites tenders to provide technical assistance to support the implementation of the Programme for Agriculture and Livelihoods in Western Communities (PALWECO) in Kenya. The duration of the assignment is approximately during 2010-2016.

More details about the project can be found in the Programme Document and Invitation to Tender, which can be downloaded through the following link:

Tenderer requiring clarification of the Tender Documents shall submit queries to the Ministry in writing to the e-mail address: vuokko.jutila at copied to ALI-20 at

Supplemented on August 5, 2010:

Please, find attached amendments and additions related to the tender documents of the PALWECO competitive bidding

1. Revised ITT where we have clarified paragraph 7. (page 4) to emphasize that all costs and expenses related to the preparation and submission of tenders – also the interviews in Nairobi and elsewhere – will be the sole responsibility of the Tenderer. We have also in paragraph 9. (page 7) concerning the evaluation of the TA team deleted the second identical bullet, which was a typing error.
pdfPALWECO: Revised ITT, Aug 4, 2010 (PDF)

2. Questions and answers related to the clarification of the tender documents.
pdfPALWECO: Tender questions and answers (PDF)

3. List of persons who were consulted when the original Programme Document was prepared during November 2009 - March 2010
pdfPersons consulted in the programme planning phase (PDF)

4. Draft Programme Budget that was prepared for the PALWECO Programme initially in March. It must be noted that the Budget is indicative only, and does not necessarily reflect the final allocation of funds. The final budget for PALWECO shall be prepared during the Inception Phase when there is more information available based on the background studies and further planning.
ExcelPreliminary PALWECO Budget (Excel)

5. We hereby enclose also the two documents that were not attached to the original notification for the competitive bidding in HILMA-website due to their file size (Annex H Consultancy contract and Annex K Frame Agreement for development cooperation between Finland and Kenya).
pdfANNEX H Consultancy contract (PDF)
pdfANNEX K Frame Agreement for development cooperation between Finland and Kenya (PDF)

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Updated 8/5/2010

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