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Press Releases, 7/2/2010

Finland grants more humanitarian assistance to the crisis in Kyrgyzstan

Press Release 206/2010
2 July 2010

In response to the UN emergency appeal for Kyrgyzstan, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Paavo Väyrynen has decided on humanitarian assistance to the crisis of the Fergana Valley in southern Kyrgyzstan. The total of 400 000 euro will be channeled through the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP). Finland has previously granted 400 000 euro worth of humanitarian assistance to the crisis in Kyrgyzstan through the Finnish Red Cross.

Political unrest in Kyrgyzstan led in June to a conflict in the southern Fergana Valley, divided between three countries. More than 400 000 people had to flee from their homes. Around 100 000 refugees fled to the Andijon region of Uzbekistan, but most of the refugees returned to Kyrgyzstan between 24-27 June. Many people continue to be internally displaced in southern Kyrgyzstan which now lies in the focus of humanitarian assistance.

Additional information: First Secretary Anssi Kullberg, Unit for Humanitarian Assistance, tel. +358 9 1605 6340, Päivi Nevala, Adviser to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, tel. +358 9 1605 6171, +358 40 753 4375

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