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Press Releases, 8/20/2009

Finland established diplomatic relations with Dominica

Press release 211/2009
19 August, 2009

To intensify the country’s international relations, Finland has established diplomatic relations with the Commonwealth of Dominica. Following the decision on diplomatic relations taken by the President of the Republic, Ambassador Jaakko Laajava, the Finnish Ambassador to the United Kingdom based in London, and Acting High Commissioner Agnes Adonis of the Commonwealth of Dominica signed the joint communiqué ratifying diplomatic relations.

In line with Finland’s foreign policy principles, the intention is to establish diplomatic relations with all states recognised by Finland. Finland has recognised the Commonwealth of Dominica, which became independent in 1978.

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, Dominica was a British colony for more than 200 years and is still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The country has an area of 754 square km and a population of 73 000.

Trade between Finland and Dominica is still modest, but it is hoped that deepening of official relations will also bring diversification of bilateral trade and other contacts. Dominica, with its tropical rain forests, strives to promote tourism on the island as well.

Additional information: Counsellor Kimmo Pulkkinen, Department for the Americas and Asia, mobile tel. +358 40 578 4344


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