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Evaluation: Kosovo Country Programme

pdfKosovo Country Programme (PDF, 86 pages, 1,31 MB)

pdfAnnex 2: Interviewed Persons (PDF)

pdfAnnex 3: Consulted Documents (PDF)

pdfAnnex 4: Description of the History of the Finnish Kosovo Country Programme (PDF)

pdfAnnex 5: The Political and Economic Situation in Kosovo in Brief (PDF)

Evaluation report 2008:7

ISBN 978-951-724-716-0 (printed)
ISBN 978-951-724-717-7 (pdf)
ISSN 1235-7618

The objective of the Kosovo country programme evaluation was to provide recommendations for future cooperation, and to analyse the achievements and weaknesses in the approach and implementation of Finnish projects in Kosovo.

The evaluation method consisted of studying archive and other printed material, interviews and a two-week period of fieldwork in Kosovo.

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