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Evaluation: Finland’s Development Cooperation in Central Asia and South Caucasus

pdfFinland’s Development Cooperation in Central Asia and South Caucasus (PDF, 82 pages, 2,31 MB)

pdfAnnex 2: People Interviewed (PDF)

pdfAnnex 3: List of Development Cooperation Projects Examined (PDF)

Evaluation report 2009:1

ISBN 978-951-724-728-3 (printed)
ISBN 978-951-724-729-0 (pdf )
ISSN 1235-7618

Finland’s development cooperation with Central Asia, South Caucasus, and Eastern
Europe dates to the mid-1990s. This evaluation, the first comprehensive review of the
effectiveness of this aid, determines also whether it is in line with Finland’s priorities
and those of recipient countries. Not an end in itself, this enquiry is intended to inform
future initiatives so they might better advance Finland’s foreign policy goals and interests.

The evaluation is based on a review of published literature and reports, an examination of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) archival holdings, and extensive field interviews.

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