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News, 6/17/2008

A new phase beginning in cooperation between Finland and Namibia

Prime Minister Nahas Angula and Minister Paavo Väyrynen talked about the new era in Finnish-Namibian relations. Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Paavo Väyrynen and Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula discussed development of cooperation between Finland and Namibia on Tuesday, 17 June. “The quality of cooperation between Finland and Namibia is changing because of the increase in income level in Namibia”, Väyrynen said. In the past Namibia was one of Finland’s central development cooperation partners.

During the press conference held following the talks, Väyrynen stated that Finland and Namibia have a long history of good relations which began already 150 years ago, and pointed out  that Finland was a staunch supporter of Namibian independence.

“Now we are discussing new dynamic and effective cooperation modes between Finland and Namibia”, Angula confirmed. Relations between the two countries have changed and cooperation is now more equal. The topics discussed by the ministers included, among others, development of trade relations, capacity building and bringing cooperation in the education sector and civil society within the scope of relations between the two countries. 

Prime Minister Angula invited Finns to become acquainted with the cooperation possibilities available in Namibian trade. According to Angula, Namibia offers many opportunities, for instance, in the sectors of information and communications technology, transport, energy and the travel industry.

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