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Press Releases, 4/4/2008

Minister Väyrynen stressed the importance of the private sector to Nicaragua’s development

Press release 113/2008

Paavo Väyrynen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, visited Nicaragua on 2–4 April. The minister’s visit focused on development cooperation issues. Väyrynen had official talks with President Daniel Ortega, Foreign Minister Santos and Vice Minister Jaentschke, who is responsible for development cooperation.  During his meeting Väyrynen stressed, in particular, the importance of the private sector to economic development in Nicaragua.

“The role of the State is to create the legislative framework for the nation’s development, but the State cannot produce economic development in the country. Without development of the private sector, a country’s economic development is not on a sustainable base”, Minister Väyrynen stated. The minister added that development cooperation is not only cooperation between public administrations; it must also support the rise of partnerships between private sectors in aid recipient and donor countries.

Moreover, Väyrynen stressed that all activities must be based on development that is sustainable economically, socially and environmentally.

During the discussions, Minister Väyrynen also brought out the principles underpinning Finland’s own development cooperation efforts. He said that Finland follows the political decisions taken in aid recipient countries and their suitability with Finnish principles. As a concrete example Väyrynen mentioned Nicaragua’s decision to prohibit even therapeutic abortions, which he considered to be a decision harmful to both women’s rights and children’s health.

Besides the official meetings, the minister made a field trip to the countryside, where he became acquainted with a plant cultivation project, local government administration and development of health care. Local-level actors from rural areas also took part in the meetings. In addition, Väyrynen met with the Nordic and European Union ambassadors posted in Managua, with whom he discussed Nicaragua’s development prospects and the development cooperation conducted.

Additional information: Deputy Director General Päivi Luostarinen, mobile tel. +358 40 703 2345, and Päivi Nevala, Adviser to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, mobile tel. +358 40 753 4375

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